Directory Assistant - Overview

Ensure scheduled email maintenance and keep directory information up to date.

Your Active Directory is only as valuable as its contents. Leaving the task of keeping directory information up to date to the IT department or some other department means information rarely remains current and up to date. To have a truly up to date directory you need to empower your users to update their information as it changes. In conjunction with this, you need to ensure the following:
Users have the ability to easily update their information
Restrictions are in place so certain information requires authorization before it can be updated
You have the ability to schedule periodic update requests to ensure users keep their information up to date and accurate
You need to have the ability to take action when users don’t update their information accordingly.
The Business Case…Time = Money!
Wasting time everyday searching for information only to find inaccurate, incomplete or out of date staff information:
impairs the effectiveness of your employees
leads to internal communication breakdown
contributes to lost or wasted time spent tracking down people within your organization
limits the ability to automate certain tasks like distribution group and security membership
delays customer response time
poses a significant security threat
Some time ago ZDNet issued a report entitled: “Former employees: A security menace?”. It still applies today is well worth the read.
With MADSolutions Directory Assistant, set up maintenance policies to ensure when users don’t update their information, action is taken to disable those accounts that may still be active.