Directory Mate - How To Order

An Active Directory tool that simplifies the management of bulk data and frees you from the challenges of scripting.

You can place your order using one of the three (3) following methods:
You may use your PayPal account or pay directly by credit card through PayPal if you don’t have a PayPal account. This option is available through the Buy It Online product pages.
Cheque and/or Money Order
Please make all cheques or money orders payable to Geisel Envisioning International Ltd. To pay by cheque or money order, you must first Request a Quote.
Bank Wire Transfer
We accept payment by bank wire transfer. To pay by wire transfer, you must first Request a Quote. Please note that bank wire transfers must be done in the currency specified at the bottom of your invoice. If your invoice is in US dollars or Euro or GBP, then the transfer must not be done in Canadian dollars unless the invoice specifically states it is in Canadian funds.
We will send you the Bank Transfer information once you approve our quote.
To ensure expedient application of your payment/funds once they are sent, kindly forward us your check and/or wire transfer information. This should include Payment Amount, Type, Date sent/applied, and any confirmation information associated with your payment.
Please note: MADSolutions is a Canadian Corporation and therefore we do not collect U.S. Taxes.
Our Canadian Registration (GST) number is (GST#819185679).