Email Management Server - Overview

Manage email quotas, mailbox sizes, email attachments and legal data discovery with Email Management Server

MADSolutions Email Management Server 9 is an extremely powerful and flexible application allowing for granular content management of both attachments and messages stored in MAPI based information stores like Personal Folder Files (PSTs), Exchange Server Mailboxes and Exchange Server Public Folders.  
Manage Quotas:
Keep mailboxes a manageable size by deleting attachments in sent items or by moving attachments into the file system or a web share. Email attachment management can eliminate the need for service desk staff to spend time and effort helping users clean up their mailboxes.
Manage Content:
With the slew of junk mail; viruses; and other unwanted data, removing unwanted content is quick and easy with MADSolutions Email Management Server. Important corporate data can be easily moved to shared network folders or your corporate intranet. Move content effortlessly and empower staff through content management and document management initiatives.
Manage Legal Discovery:
In cases of legal compliance, MADSolutions Email Management Server can help with discovery by analysing specific mailboxes and copying specific messages and attachments for easy access and review by legal staff. Use a variety of criteria to include or exclude content scanning. Generate reports without moving any data to determine if a mailbox contains the information you’re looking for.
Address Email Archiving:
Archiving as a means of managing growing demands on storage as a result of email is probably not the best solution. Painlessly remove the headache of dealing with old email by moving the attachments out of the mail system to low cost file or web servers. By setting up automatic extraction policies to move attachments in really old email does not disrupt the users, move their email or limit their access to any content.  At the same time this allows users’ mailboxes to retain all email and eliminate the need for archiving.
Manage Email Storage Requirements:
Email Storage Management is a symptom of mailboxes growing without email management. With MADSolutions Email Management Server, storage management is no longer an issue as the main cause of exponential storage demands are a result of files within the email system. By eliminating this issue, storage management becomes virtually a non-issue.
Handle Email Database Management:
Limiting the number of users per mail store (database) is often of concern due to the mailbox size requirements. Manage database sizes by keeping mailbox sizes down through attachment management. With smaller mailboxes, databases can be utilized more effectively without growing to unmanageable sizes.
Manage Backup and Recovery Times:
As with database management, backup and recovery times increase with database sizes. By managing mailboxes the cascading issues of database sizes and the resulting backup and recovery times can be more effectively controlled.
Addressing the attachment (file) issue head on and eliminating unwanted content with MADSolutions Email Management Server eliminates the slew of challenges inherent to email management. With MADSolutions Email Management Server there is no end to the possibilities for its use. It is truly the essential solution for any company using Microsoft Exchange Server! Try an evaluation version today.