Active Management System


What is the MADSolutions Active Management System (AMS) and how does it work?

* The AMS is the product of 20 years of R&D designed to fill the need to 'Actively' manage, track, follow up, or escalate activities assigned to people and technologies.
* It actively facilitates the coordination, collaboration, and activities that take place both internally and externally.
* It is a system unlike any other! It allows people to easily link all operational and business processes eliminating the need for partial and complex business process management systems.
The MADSolutions AMS is designed to work with you by helping 'do' the things you want to do and to work the way you work. It is not like other software, it's the solution to your frustration with the challenges you face when trying to get your work done.

Easy To Use, Single Unified Solution

Some of the things we have heard customers say over the years about various legal programs include:"
* "I just want to get this done, why is it so complicated?"
* "If this legal program can do this, then why is everything so difficult and why do I have to hire developers or pay to get this working the way I want it to work?"
* "Why is it each time we use new software or new apps to help us organize stuff, it just seems to create more work without solving the overall problem?"
* "We already have this information, why do we have to copy and paste it and manually look it up elsewhere? Why can't we get the information we want, when we want it, and where we need it?"
The MADSolutions Active Management System provides powerful ease of use and consistency throughout your daily activities, whether it's things you need to get done, things you need others to do, or in defining how things will get done. We understand that data isn't static... its your business information and it moves through your business processes.
It's time to put your information to good use!

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Active Management System

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